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10 Hacks: How to Teach Kids to Follow Instructions


Following instructions is a life skill that your child must learn. In the adult world, there are many rules and regulations that must be complied with. If not, the disobedient could be penalized or face grave consequences. Your home is the ideal training ground for submission to authorities. While they can learn obeying instructions in early learning academy in Houston, Texas, your influence as parents is life-long.

With this, we would like to share ten helpful tips to encourage your kid to follow instructions. Consider the following:

  1. Capture attention.
    Call your kid’s attention and look at them in the eye. This sense of focus will let them see and hear your instructions clearly. If they would have questions, they would be clarified with because they paid attention.
  2. Take away distractions.
    When you give instructions, do so in a situation without distractions. Turn off the TV. Shut down the computer. Take away the mobile phone. With no distractions, they can listen to you attentively.
  3. Speak gently.
    Using harsh or angry voice when talking to your child can make them cower in fear. This fear can bar their full attention. But with gentleness, they would know you only want what’s good for them and so they will obey.
  4. Wait for response.
    When you ask your kid to do something, wait for 5 seconds to let them respond. Their response will let you know if you got their attention or not.
  5. Follow up
    Ask your kid to repeat what you instructed them. They should be able to relay your instruction in their own words for you to know that they have fully understood what you intend to happen.
  6. Instruct and do not ask.
    Deliver your instruction in imperative and not in question. When you ask, they might probably think you’re giving them an option. You would want them to follow what you instructed and not pick a choice whether they can do it or not.
  7. One at a time.
    When you give instructions, say these one at a time. Give the next instruction as soon as they’re done with the previous.
  8. Be specific.
    Relay your instructions in a specific way. For example, “Pick up your toy truck.”, “Give me your yellow socks.”, or “Drink up your milk.”
  9. Give praise.
    Appreciation can go a long way when you want to develop your kid. As soon as they finish with your instruction, be generous with your praises for what they have done.
  10. Use actual examples.
    Be their model for doing what you instructed. An actual example, especially from their parents, will give them a clear picture of what is expected of them.

As soon as your child accomplishes your instruction, you will glow with parental pride. This signifies what you did right as a parent. At Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy, our programs are designed to gear up their interest in following instructions and be rewarded for doing so. If you’re interested to know more about how your kid can learn much in a preschool in Texas, give us a call.

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