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5 Recommendations to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

5 Recommendations to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Your baby is growing up and before you know it, they are at the age where you have to get them enrolled in a preschool. However, how do you prepare your child and yourself for this big transition?

Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy, a reliable early learning academy in Houston, Texas, offers the following suggestions:

  • Introduce the idea of preschool.

    Before enrolling them, make sure to introduce the idea of preschool to your child first. Read stories or share your own experiences. You can even use pretend play to introduce some common preschool activities such as reading stories, playing outside, taking naps, and more. Make it as exciting as you can – let them know that a preschool is a place where they can learn and have fun at the same time. Introducing them to the idea of preschool will help your child better prepare for it – it can help them feel more in control and may reduce their anxiety about starting school.

  • Visit the school.

    If possible, visit the school before the official school year starts. This will help your child see where they would be going and it may help make them feel more comfortable. Also, try to schedule a meeting with their future teacher. Try to meet other members of the faculty as well.

  • Establish Routines.

    Establish a consistent routine a few weeks, or even months, before school starts. Set a fixed time when they have to go to sleep and wake up. By getting them used to an established routine as early as possible, you can get them ready in the morning with less hassle. On top of establishing routines at home, start introducing routines that may be required at school. For instance, here are some important routines to start with: washing hands before and after eating, potty training, eating at the table, and more.

  • Teach Independence and Self-Help Skills.

    Once preschool starts, you won’t be able to stay by your child’s side throughout the day. Therefore, it is important for you to instill independence and self-help skills in your child. Teach them about some basic self-help skills such as going to the bathroom alone, changing their own clothes, tying their own shoelaces, and more.

  • Communicate.

    Talk with your child. Ask them how they are feeling. If they are feeling anxious or scared, tell them that it is okay. Let them know that you are always there to listen to their concerns. Also, let them know that there will always be adults present at school who can help them.

These are just some recommendations from your friendly preschool in Texas. Sending your child to preschool can be emotional, but it is also very exciting as well. Make it a fun, positive experience by remembering these recommendations. Enjoy!

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