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Allow Your Children to Be…

Allow Your Children to Be

Children are naturally curious. Because of this curiosity, we as parents may be apprehensive about sending them out into the world. We are afraid of what may happen to them without our guidance, and what terrifies us most is when they’re older, they begin to demand for the independence they deserve. It’s not that we hold them back—we are just afraid, as parents should be.

But it is vital that your children are given the space and the opportunity to grow. Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy, an early learning academy in Houston, Texas, advises you to allow your children to be:

  • Curious

    Of course, first is to allow your children to explore the curiosity that brews in their minds. This is where learning begins. When your children see you cooking, they will begin to ask themselves, “What is mom/dad doing? How are they making fire appear?” and when you serve the delicious food, they will again ask themselves, “How did they make this delicious food all for me?” When they begin to ask questions about the world, answer them with the greatest patience and the simplest words, and this will lead them to the path of becoming lifelong learners.

  • Experimental

    This might alarm you, but letting your children be experimental about the things they see, hear, touch, or feel is also a valuable learning experience. Letting them break open their toys might lead them to become engineers or letting them tinker around with paint and paper might lead them to become artists in the future.

  • Playful

    Your children will naturally be playful, and it may be difficult to get them to behave when you have to. But don’t hold them back from play. Play is an essential part of their development process. This is how they learn to organize their thoughts and how they eventually learn language.

  • Successful

    When your children accomplish something, you better be there to praise them for it. This is important in building their self-esteem. You, as their parent, are an individual that they look up to and being able to see you be proud of them and what they do helps build their self-esteem and confidence later in life.

As a preschool in Texas, our programs and activities at Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy are geared towards promoting and improving the above-mentioned values of your children. Our teachers promote curiosity, experimentation, playfulness while tying it up with learning and success, therefore, paving the way for the development of a lifelong learner in your children. People must never stop learning and improving themselves, and it is always best to start early.

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