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The Milestones of Your 2-Year Old – And When Should You Worry

Every year of your child is something to look forward to, isn’t it, dear parents? As your partner in providing early learning academy in Houston, Texas, we understand the high priority that parents extend to their children’s development and learning. As your child reaches their second year, you must start to get amazed at their … Continue reading

Teach Your Child How To Write in 6 Ways

Encourage your child to write using these helpful ways we’ve also tried in our early learning academy in Houston, Texas. Get your child a pencil grip. These are usually rubber-made materials that can be wrapped around a pencil so that the little fingers of your child can easily hold on the pencils. Practicing them to … Continue reading

Tips to Help Your Child Enjoy Learning at Home

How often have you heard of the idea that parents are the child’s first teachers? Would you agree to this? It will be unsurprising if you do. In fact, we also say so, even as we’re an early learning academy in Houston, Texas. Just when you think that teaching is very complicated, you will be … Continue reading

Your Toddler, Their Milestones, and You

Milestones are always exciting times for parents, especially as they reach the toddler years. In our early learning academy in Houston, Texas, we refer to these years as the “Terrific 2’s”. We even designed programs appropriate for this age and development so that your child’s milestone can be truly maximized. At Cradles 2 Crayons Early … Continue reading

What Your Child Benefits Out of Hands-On Learning

Little children all grow at their own pace; even siblings differ in interests and skills, so take it easy when it comes to your child’s development because children naturally have different learning styles. Some children are auditory or visual learners who acquire their skills and understanding when they listen and observe someone doing the activity, … Continue reading

Make School Days Better and More Enjoyable

Getting your preschooler to go to school can be challenging, especially when they find your home very fun and conducive for playing and bonding. At Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy, we understand what should come between waking up and getting to school to prepare and motivate your child for a fun day of learning. … Continue reading