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Providing each child with activities to build their skills and confidence.
kid and adult man playing soccer

We understand how important fitness, building self-esteem, and developing teamwork is for young children. Therefore, we provide extra-curricular programs that are geared towards helping each child achieve these goals:


This activity is offered every week, 45-minute classes of tap, ballet, rhythmic exercises, and motor skills are developed on-site through DANCE TREE for students 2-5 years of age. Annual recitals are held in June of each year.

Jolly Trolley

We provide year-round of fun in gymnastics! Your child will enjoy the Jolly Trolley and can meet new friends. Know more and enroll your child now in our membership program!

Happy Feet Soccer

At HappyFeet, we want to introduce soccer in a way that opens the doors of opportunities for young children both on the field and off. It is our goal to make sure that kids not only learn the wonderful game of soccer but to have fun, build social skills, improve self-confidence, and instill a brave and creative go-for-it mentality that can help provide the right foundation for the rest of their lives!

Be sure to enroll your child in one of these programs!