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Preparing your child for kindergarten and beyond.

This program offers our students various opportunities to learn in a very structured, yet free flowing environment. Our Jr. Kindergarten curriculum (Big Day for Pre-K) is designed to meet the educational needs of children as a whole, as well as each child individually. Big Day for Pre-K Curriculum was implemented into our school through the University of Texas Children’s Learning Center and is an accredited theme-based curriculum that’s geared toward preparing a solid educational foundation for students entering into grade school.

The goal for a C2C Jr. Kindergarten graduate is to enter into grade school on a Kindergarten level or above!
Our classrooms are equipped and designed for large & small group learning, guided & independent learning, fine arts & creativity, purposeful center rotation, and much more! Center rotation consists of transitioning to and from 9 different centers throughout the day: ABC center, math, science, writing, construction, pretend & learn, creativity, technology, and library.

Utilizing our effective systems, we have incorporated a consistent daily schedule, accredited curriculum, and our kindergarten model center rotation. We’re proud that students are graduating with reading skills on a first-grade level, excelling in math, oral language, science, technology, and more!

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