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Academics in Texas

Our Pre-K is a comprehensive program that focuses on integrating instructions of developmental domains and early learning disciplines. The program encourages both teachers and children to engage in the academic activity.

The Pre-K program at our Early Learning Academy in Houston, Texas focuses on:

  • Extensive integration of theme, disciplines, and domains
  • Social and emotional development
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Enthusiastic approach to learning

This academic program is created specifically for the three-year-old children which focuses more on the development of their cognitive, physical, and social skills. According to early childhood brain research, it is at this stage where their brains are rapidly developing and preparing for academic advancement.

Its components include:

  • Easy-to-use activities for development research
  • Different activities that focus on the developmental domains
  • Intentional instructions for growth and development
  • Social and emotional emphasis

This academic program aims to improve the brain development of every child and focuses more on the enhancement of the enthusiasm of childhood while nurturing their curiosity.

Activity choices for children ages 18-36 months old:

  • Activities are organized around five developmental domains
  • Activities are designed with the purpose of developing children
  • Offer various instruction options to meet the needs of all young learners
  • Offer basic instructions that are infused into daily routines, such as diaper changing, transition, and outdoor play.

Our child-centered academic program for infant is designed to build strong foundations for babies ages 0-18 months old.

Activities include:

  • Educating and equipping caregivers in nurturing infants.
  • Optimizing opportunities for growth and development.
  • Designing with the purpose around developmental learning domains.
  • earning new strategies to enhance social and emotional development.

These are the benefits kids can get from our programs:

Cognitive Skills
Cognitive skills are the basic skills kids use to carry out everyday tasks. Through our programs, kids will learn how to think, read, discover, remember, reason, and pay attention. This will also help kids develop their curiosity which enables them to understand more about the world.

Kids will learn how to use their imagination – how they want to interpret things through the use of their minds. This is also one way to enhance their creative ability to form images, ideas, and sensations on a particular object.

Sorting and Classifying
Kids will learn how to sort and classify things depending on their respective category, such as size, color, shape, texture, or flavor. The activities will also help kids know how to sort things in all areas in life, such as putting away toys, or distinguishing dirty and clean clothes at home.

For additional information regarding the academic programs we offer, please call 713-520-6633.

Extra Curriculum Activities

Cradles 2 Crayons Academy understands the importance of fitness, building self-esteem, and developing team players in young children; therefore, we offer extra-curricular programs geared toward these goals:


Every week, 45-minute classes of tap, ballet, rhythmic exercises, and motor skills are offered on-site through DANCE TREE for students 2-5 years of age. Annual recitals are held in June of each year.

  • kids circling the tree
  • little kid dancing

Gymnastics & Tumbling

A weekly, 30-minute gymnastics class is offered through Tumblebee’s. The Tumblebee’s Bus is a gym on wheels that travel to child care centers offering the best tumbling classes possible to children ages 18 months thru Pre-K. The bus is a large 72 passenger that has been fully converted inside into a padded kid-friendly mobile gym and fitness center. The inside is filled with colorful bright mats and extremely fun tumbling equipment. Add music, dance, enthusiastic coaches and you’ve got the TUMBLEBEE’S BUS!! Absolutely NO transportation is involved.

  • little kid playing trampoline
  • little kid playing
  • little kid playing balls