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Parenting Tales

Teaching Our Children Language, Behavior, and Values Like it or not, we hold high influence among our children and whatever comes out of us will most likely be heard by our children. Our children are still young and learning what certain language, behavior, and decisions mean, entail, and lead to. As parents, Cradles 2 Crayons … Continue reading

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Safety Features to Look for in a School

Can’t decide on where to enroll your child for early education? We have come up with some suggested features to look for in a school that will spark a sense of security in both children and parents. As a preschool in Texas, we make safety a part of the quality service we give to the … Continue reading

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Why You Should Enforce Breakfast at Home

Our children depend on us for practically everything they need. As their parents, we also see to it that they’re well-provided and whatever we extend to them is going to be something that brings out the best in them. From their clothing, meals, or the choice of an early learning academy in Houston, Texas, you … Continue reading

Moms and Dads: Here’s How You Can Raise an Independent Child

Dear parents, here’s a very interesting thought to ponder. The reason that your child tests your limits is that they trust with all their heart that you will continue to love them no matter what they do. Isn’t this true? As your partner in being a quality early learning academy in Houston, Texas, we know … Continue reading

Factors That Affect Children’s Quality Play Time

Is your child a playful one? As an early learning academy in Houston, Texas, we would like to encourage you, dear parents, to provide more opportunities of play to your little one. Playing is integral in their growth and development, not just for their physical aspect, but also for their creativity, social skills, and motor … Continue reading

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The Milestones of Your 2-Year Old – And When Should You Worry

Every year of your child is something to look forward to, isn’t it, dear parents? As your partner in providing early learning academy in Houston, Texas, we understand the high priority that parents extend to their children’s development and learning. As your child reaches their second year, you must start to get amazed at their … Continue reading

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