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Little Walkers

Little Walkers in Texas


In the wonderful world of “Little Walkers”, Pre-Toddlers are inquisitive by nature. Striving for independence, these newly mobile explorers are natural learners on the cusp of major progress in their language, physical, social and cognitive development. At C2C, we recognize the importance of these years and our program is designed to support these first years- big steps.

The Little Walkers class implements a more structured schedule, meal time, nap-time and introduction to an theme based curriculum, that nurtures curiosity through exploration – Frog Street. We understand that children are at many developmental levels during the period of growth between 17-24 months of age. Children also vary in culture, language, motivation, abilities, and interest. However, all children can learn effectively regardless of these differences. Frog Street Pre-Toddler offers opportunities to meet the needs of all learners by offering ” Adaptations” for learners.

Guided learning & play allow pre-toddlers to grasp:

  • Following 1 step directions
  • Listening intently to short stories
  • Increasing vocabulary and comprehension
  • Participating in give and take conversations
  • Listening and moving to music
  • Self-feeding and transitioning to a regular drinking cup
  • Pre-Toddlers being able to engage in individual and group activities that require following somple directions indoors and outdoors.