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Factors That Affect Children’s Quality Play Time

Factors That Affect Children’s Quality Play Time

Is your child a playful one? As an early learning academy in Houston, Texas, we would like to encourage you, dear parents, to provide more opportunities of play to your little one. Playing is integral in their growth and development, not just for their physical aspect, but also for their creativity, social skills, and motor skills.

However, there are many factors in our modern times that can make playtime difficult for our little ones. In this post, we would like to raise awareness on the following matters.

  • Change of family dynamics
    In our present times, families are getting more familiar with having a single parent or both parents working. Many young families live away from their extended families so that the children will have fewer times to be with responsible adults. Consequently, children will have fewer opportunities to play around as babysitters will be more cautious about the child’s safety. Thankfully, preschools in Texas come as good alternatives for the child to explore and play around even when their parents are not physically there. There are teachers and other safety precautions in the center that makes it possible for them to enjoy their play time confidently.
  • Balancing work and home life is possible
    For many parents, being able to spend quality time with their children at home after their work time may seem to be a luxury. On the contrary, this can even present further opportunities for the child’s learning progress. Especially if the child has been to day care, the rest of the day when mom and dad are already around can be a time of updates, learning, and play time. It would require re-orienting your parental mindset in remembering that interacting or playing with the child can help relieve off your stress. When this is achieved, and it’s doable, you can stop feeling guilty about not having spent enough time with your little one.
  • The deluge of parenting advice and child-rearing information
    In the age of social media, parents can have access to information, both good and bad, as to how parenting should look like. Some of these instances can put pressure on your parental shoulders, thinking you may have missed something for your child as compared with what your friend did. Don’t be carried away with these expectations. Keep in mind that all your child needs is yourself. They will not remember how many gadgets you’ve bought for them. What they will cherish is the number of times you’ve played with them or talked about their day.

These are just among the many issues that hit parents today that can affect the way a child spends for play time. At Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy, we would like to be your gentle cheerer that while parenting can come off as challenging, it will also be adventurous. We’ll also be right here to back you up when it comes to nurturing your child’s learning prowess.

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