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Interesting Facts: The Colorful World of Your Baby


Colors make our lives beautiful and amazing. But we did not start out as color-inclined population. As you may know, our vision develops at a gradual rate, which has to be monitored carefully to spot issues, if there are any. Healthy vision is vital in the overall wellbeing of your kid. Here are interesting facts you might want to know about your infant’s perception of color.

  • The initial colors they recognize are black and white
    Newborns have the characteristic constricted eyes. This is because, at that stage, they’re still sensitive to light. After two weeks, however, their pupils will gain strength and begin to enlarge so they can start to perceive black and white shades. Along with this, their retina develops, thus resulting in their ability to recognize patterns, though still in black-and-white combination. This goes on until they’re a month old.

    As parents, you can enhance their visual abilities by exposing them to patterned designs with higher contrast. This way, their sense of attention will be more attuned.

  • Bright and bold colors
    As your infant begins their first month, their visual abilities improve to being attracted to bright and intense colors. They will even prefer looking at these colors rather than in something else. Their sense of focus can also be enhanced as your little one learns to stick on that particular bright color.

    As parents, you are encouraged to wear bright colors when your child is at this age. This helps them to recognize you easily. You can also show them books or toys with bright hues to help their visual abilities.

  • Colorful life
    Finally, as your baby touches their second month, their color abilities develop more fully. They can’t just spot the bright colors. They can also follow these with their eyes. This is an exciting milestone when your child’s vision is showing positive development and at normal growth.

    As parents, you can encourage them towards this development by surrounding them with colorful items. In our early learning academy in Houston, Texas, we have designed our infant centers to accommodate this milestone of the babies we help care for.

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