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Keeping the Little Ones Busy: As Easy as A, B, C!


Toddlers can be quite a handful. Besides their curious and inquisitive nature, they are full of boundless energy that you can’t let them stay still in one place unless they are taking a nap—and even that will be difficult to do. There are, however, ways and activities in effectively keeping these little tots busy while preventing them from getting into trouble. It may seem hard to do, but when you take to mind these tips and play or activity ideas, then you will find that taking care of toddlers may not really be that difficult, and at times, can even be fun.

  • Play dough

    Put some non-toxic, colorful play dough on a tray and let your toddler play with it! Not only will it keep them busy, it can also bolster their creativity and allow them to make an early start in learning colors and shapes on their own.

  • Shape Sorters

    Although there are shape-sorter toys that you can purchase for your little one, you can actually make one at home using inexpensive soft shapes and a big canister or aluminum container with a soft, rubber lid (like the ones used for powdered milk or oatmeal). You can cut shapes on the lid of the container so your toddler can sort out shapes with it.

  • Play Corner

    If you want to keep your toddler from making a mess, or hurting themselves from moving around the house, creating a playpen or play corner will be the best idea. You can buy playpens or create a Do-It-Yourself fencing around a certain safe corner of the house where you can easily monitor your little kid. Lay the ground in the area with rubber, and put in toys for your little ones to play.

  • Building Blocks

    Wooden building blocks are perfect for toddlers; they’re durable, safe, and conducive for learning. These blocks can be used stacked to create numerous forms. Your toddler’s imagination can go wild.

  • Coloring

    Coloring and drawing activities are fun, time-consuming, and is a good early training for toddlers. To make sure that your toddler doesn’t write on walls or your furniture, though, you can spread huge pieces of paper—or even tape together used, printed paper with a clean side—on your toddler’s play area, or a small table. Non-toxic crayons and safe, washable pens are advisable.

On top of all these things that you need to remember, it is also important to have a good place, like a day care, to which you can entrust your little ones whenever you are not around, and no one else you trust can take care of them.

Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy is an early learning academy in Houston, Texas, that offers a safe, purposeful, educational, but all-in-all fun environment for your little ones. We aim to bridge the gap between infancy school-age with a solid yet playful education foundation. This way, your kid will have a holistic learning of skills for the most critical learning years of their life. Learn more about us as a day care and preschool in Texas.

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