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Make School Days Better and More Enjoyable


Getting your preschooler to go to school can be challenging, especially when they find your home very fun and conducive for playing and bonding. At Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy, we understand what should come between waking up and getting to school to prepare and motivate your child for a fun day of learning. With your motivation and direction at home, your preschooler will definitely find more meaning and enthusiasm in getting ready for school.

We utilize different tools for our early learning academy in Houston, Texas, which will move accordingly to how children learn better. Some children learn better through verbal instructions; others learn better when they are guided while they do things on their own. Whichever way your child learns better, prepare them at home with these preschool-friendly tips:

  • Let Them Have Enough Sleep

    To have better days, they also need to have the energy to experience the activities that are ready for them to enjoy. By letting your preschooler sleep for at least 9-10 hours per night with naps in the afternoon, they can have ample energy to focus on new learning at school. Having enough sleep also makes sure their bodies get enough cell growth and repair with the continued hours of sleep, paired with good nutrition.

  • Support Their Interests

    Every child will show an interest towards something at their own pace, and once they show it in action or through conversation, support them in any way that you can. If they like music, sing with them and play tunes for them at home. If they like to bake, let them join you in the kitchen while you teach them the proper names for the ingredients and tools you will use. Your support increases your bond with your child and, at the same time, it also increases their passion for learning.

  • Support School Events

    Another way that you can show your support to your preschooler is by showing up for school activities that involve them. Whether it is for a school play, a parent-and-child trip, or a school cause, support in any way that you can for your child’s interest because it will mean the world to them. After all, they already consider you their heroes.

At our preschool in Texas, we promote both dynamic learning and family bonding to prepare them for greater academic learning in the future. We want to ensure that our students will become exemplary citizens in society starting at an early age.

Make your child’s education more meaningful with more quality bonding and dynamic learning at Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy.

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