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Moms and Dads: Here’s How You Can Raise an Independent Child

Moms and Dads: Here’s How You Can Raise an Independent Child

Dear parents, here’s a very interesting thought to ponder. The reason that your child tests your limits is that they trust with all their heart that you will continue to love them no matter what they do. Isn’t this true? As your partner in being a quality early learning academy in Houston, Texas, we know that it’s because of the parents’ great love that children are brought to every learning opportunity as much as possible.

Your child’s sense of independence, therefore, is something that you can nurture towards their empowerment. While this is something they will naturally manifest, it’s still up to you to prune them correctly so they can grow to be the better adult version of themselves.

To build up independence as early as childhood, here are our recommendations fresh from our experiences as a preschool in Texas.

  • Establish good expectations for your child.
    Whether you realize it or not, our children can follow the kind of expectation that we put on them. While this doesn’t necessarily mean taking the precious years of their childhood, you can definitely grab these learning years to expect them to return their toys, finish the food set before them, and obey your instructions properly. You will be surprised at the many great things your child can achieve at their age with the right expectations.
  • Give them time to finish what you told them to do.
    As day care providers, we understand how this can be tempting to clear up their mess right after our children play. But doing this as a habit is actually not helping them to become independent. Strive to overcome this urge by simply allowing them to do simpler tasks such as bathing themselves, putting on their clothes, or writing their homework.
  • Overcome the urge to redo what they have already finished.
    Instead, praise them for what they have accomplished so far. Whether this is putting back all their toys in their container or choosing a pair of clothes that don’t match, allow them to explore. This can also help them to learn to make even little choices, thus, empowering their sense of independence and sufficiency.
  • Get them to help you out at home with simple chores.
    There are many things to do at home that even toddlers can do. From putting the pillows at the corner of their bed or giving back their storybook so you can return these to the shelf, chores are already a way for them to feel that even at their age, they can be trusted with something. The more that your child gets familiar with the chores, the more that they can learn to trust in themselves.

These are simple recommendations to build up an independent child. At Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy, we also provide more room for your child to grow and develop in their earliest educational foundation. If you’re interested in our programs to promote early childhood development, inquire from us.

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