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Parenting Tales

Parenting Tales

Teaching Our Children Language, Behavior, and Values

Like it or not, we hold high influence among our children and whatever comes out of us will most likely be heard by our children. Our children are still young and learning what certain language, behavior, and decisions mean, entail, and lead to. As parents, Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy emphasizes the influence each parent holds towards their children. As responsible adults, we can let a thing or two slip and we may not even notice it up until we hear it firsthand. Of course, let’s not blame ourselves for not being perfect — this is where responsibility comes in.

  • Picking up language
    Sometimes our children pick up disrespectful language from us. Sometimes, they can be humorous, however other times, it can call for attention. Language isn’t only a way of understanding each other or conveying what we want to convey that can’t easily be seen, but language allows us to feel emotions as well. For a healthy way of communicating what we feel in the most respectful manner possible, we have to explain to our children when and when not to use certain words. We have to first explain what the words mean and why adults use these words for specific situations.
  • Picking up behavior
    Behavior can easily be learned through observation and association. Sometimes, rude or even bad behavior can be associated with humor. When our children see that association, sometimes rude behavior can be mistaken as an acceptable and funny behavior. We’d want our children to learn how to make jokes and have fun with other children but not at the expense of possibly inflicting offense. For healthy socialization, behavior should also be explained. We don’t have to punish our children heavily. As responsible parents, we need to guide our children accordingly. In a day care, our children will learn and observe all of these things and more.

We are an early learning academy in Houston, Texas. As parents, we have to remember to provide explanations as to why we said or did certain things. Sometimes, we may not really know what our children have learned until we witness them acting it out or hearing our children out. Part of our service is to guide children and help parents understand and guide their children as well. To get assistance with your child’s development and learning, feel free to call us at 713-520-6633 for enrollment inquiries.

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