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Teach Your Child How To Write in 6 Ways


Encourage your child to write using these helpful ways we’ve also tried in our early learning academy in Houston, Texas.

  1. Get your child a pencil grip.
    These are usually rubber-made materials that can be wrapped around a pencil so that the little fingers of your child can easily hold on the pencils. Practicing them to have that good grip on pencils is an ideal initiation to writing.

  2. Introduce the usage of golf pencils.
    These little pencils used in many mini-golf courses are very ideal for your child’s little fingers as they can find it easier to hold. When there’s no golf pencil available, you can always use a broken crayon as an alternative, although you always have to monitor them in case they can think of swallowing it.

  3. Use colored lines
    Whether your child is already enrolled in a preschool in Texas or not, they can already be exposed to papers with colored lines to guide their writing activities. It’s especially helpful if they’re already familiar with colors so they will know which letter will start at what line color.

  4. Make use of a textured surface
    Writing on textured surfaces allows your child to feel what they’re doing, as they can get into bumps and roughs. This practice enables them to have a feel of what writing really is.

  5. Use a popsicle stick
    This stick will serve as “fence” for the words that your child writes so that they can learn the adequate spacing. With the Popsicle stick, they can put this in a straight up position on the writing table right after the word they’ve previously written, and they can start writing the next word at the right of the stick.

  6. Let them play while writing.
    Some parents may not be agreeable to this but you can also creatively let your child write while you’re preparing food. They find this as a fun experience even. When they’re eating mashed potatoes or when you’re preparing for some pancakes they can start making letters on the table. But this is still up to you.

How do you find these tips? Can you already envision your child making their own lines and scribbles? We’re glad to know that. These initial stages of learning can be fun and exciting both for you and your child. It can also open your child up to loads of other interests that have to do with writing.

In our day care center, we’ve designed many helpful activities for our learners to practice writing, among other learning experiences they ought to have. The beauty of being with other children is that your child can be encouraged to learn on their own seeing that other tots their age are also doing their thing.

Our team at Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy is willing and ready to be your partner in achieving and harnessing the full potential of your little one.

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