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The Growth Stages of Early Childhood and How to Deal with Them


Early childhood is the most crucial and critical part of a person’s growing process. Things experienced by the child can be the causes and foundation of their personality, perception, interests, and even fears. It is very important, therefore, to stimulate their growth in a healthy way, so that they can grow to be emotionally adept and mentally healthy individuals.

There are various growth stages of early childhood. During these crucial stages, it is very important to know how to properly handle their behavior and moods and take care of their needs. As an early learning academy in Houston, Texas, we would like to share these stages of early childhood, and what steps and measures you can take to give them the best care:

  1. Infants

    Although they cannot walk or talk coherently yet, infants are already beginning to perceive the world around them. Being the first stage of early childhood, the main focus, of course, is giving the infant the right nutrition they need, keeping them clean and comfortable, as well as allow them to have a long, uninterrupted sleep. It would also help, however, to let them listen to soothing music, and talking or singing to them, as these can help in emotional and mental growth.

  2. Pre-Toddlers

    When your little one begins to walk, they will begin to explore the world around them and be curious about every little thing. At this stage, it is crucial to maintaining a safe environment where they can be protected from accidents or mishaps, while still being able to roam around. You can use rubber floor mats in their play areas, then, and safe toys. Letting them listen to nursery rhymes and songs can enhance their developing brain.

  3. Toddlers

    This is when the fun truly starts for your little ones. At this stage, they are not only walking, they are also learning to speak, and are constantly curious about everything around them. This is where educational toys that teach shapes, colors, numbers, and the alphabet come in handy.

  4. Preschoolers

    Day care may have to be an integral part of this stage since your little ones must already begin to be educated even if it’s in the manner of play.

Choosing the right place that will give your little ones the proper education and care they need is an important decision. Therefore, when looking for a day care or preschool in Texas, look no further than Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy. You can trust us to truly care about your child’s physical, emotional, and mental growth. Our programs aim to help your little ones grow wholly to be independent, kind, and learned kids. Give your kids the best early childhood experience they deserve. Call us at 713-520-6633 to learn more about our programs.

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