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The Milestones of Your 2-Year Old – And When Should You Worry


Every year of your child is something to look forward to, isn’t it, dear parents? As your partner in providing early learning academy in Houston, Texas, we understand the high priority that parents extend to their children’s development and learning.

As your child reaches their second year, you must start to get amazed at their increasing memory, creative tactics, and surprising tantrums. All of these are part of the adventures of their toddler years. We would like to encourage you to take the perspective of a learner, and in so doing, you can see your child’s growth experience as truly something to celebrate as every milestone comes.

Here are the common milestones that your two-year-old can experience.

  • Growth in handling their emotions and relationships with others
    At two years, your toddler already learns to imitate those around them, especially you, your words and your actions. Along with that, your toddler also begins to show more and more interest in being with other children their age. Leaving them in a day care is a great option so they can nurture this growing social skill.

  • Speaking ability increases
    You will also notice that during these years, your communication with your toddler becomes clearer. They’re now able to point to things or images and name them correctly. They can also identify the people they frequently see and name the different parts of their body. They can craft sentences even if it’s just at most four words. At this phase, they can also learn to obey already. That’s why in our preschool in Texas, we also take advantage of this age to deepen their love for learning. We provide more opportunities to sing and dance, for instance, so they can get to learn more and more vocabularies.

  • Thinking ability is enhanced
    You will be glad to know that at two years, your child can start analyzing and deciding things for themselves. They can start building blocks and in fact, enjoy doing so. They can arrange things according to their colors, follow your two-set instructions, and fully distinguish a cat even when drawn unprofessionally.

  • Physical growth is evident
    At this crucial stage, your toddler enjoys running around, kicking and passing a ball, climbing the stairs without assistance, and copying lines or circles on paper. Their motor and mobility skills can even greatly improve as the days go by.

Meanwhile, you need to consult your pediatrician when you notice the following:

  • Inability to speak even in two-word phrases
  • Cannot or does not imitate your words and/or actions
  • Doesn’t obey your instructions, even the simple ones
  • Doesn’t walk in a straight manner
  • Obvious decline in their skills that were already there

At Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy, your toddler will have a safe haven for their growth and development. We’d love to know how we can be of further help to you. Don’t hesitate to drop your inquiries on our website or contact us immediately.

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