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Tips to Help Your Child Enjoy Learning at Home


How often have you heard of the idea that parents are the child’s first teachers? Would you agree to this? It will be unsurprising if you do. In fact, we also say so, even as we’re an early learning academy in Houston, Texas. Just when you think that teaching is very complicated, you will be surprised to know that every day, at home, just with anything, your child can already be learning a lot.

But the challenge here is this. Can you possibly inspire your child to enjoy their learning experience? Thankfully, yes you can. When you make it a fun experience for them, as most little ones are naturally inclined with, they will see that there’s no complicated thing with learning.

Hence, we hope you will find the following learning tips helpful for you and your little one at home.

  • Learn with your child
    If you’ve enrolled your child in a preschool in Texas, you’ll have to keep in mind that they are just secondary educators. However, this learning setup can provide your child with a more focused environment when it comes to learning. You can give them a happy push when you make follow-ups about what they learned, let them recite some rhymes they’ve heard in school, or check on their homework if any. Also, answer their questions and strive to learn the answers to some of their questions that you don’t know. You will find that learning with your child becomes an exciting journey too.

  • Sing with your child
    Songs have undoubtedly maintained their influential hold on children. You can take yourself as a case in point, being able to clearly recite one whole nursery rhyme stuck in your brain from childhood. The beauty about singing is that it’s fun while your child can be exposed to letters, colors, and numbers, which are the basic information every preschooler should know. When you sing along with them, they will find more motivation to learn and recite the lyrics because they know you’re highly supportive of it.

  • Relax with your child
    Sometimes, we understand that parents can be a bit pushy when it comes to their child’s learning progress. But you have to relax and allow them to grow and develop on their own. Anyway, the more that you give them time with others in a day care setting, the more that they can also be reinforced with the learning that they ought to have. However, when they feel that you’re being tensed in the way they progress, this may discourage them at some point and may delay even more progress. So just relax and celebrate every little milestone.

Being your partners in achieving quality learning experiences of children, our team at Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy are delighted to know that with your unwavering support, the potentials of your little one can be truly harnessed. If you’re interested to ask about our programs and activities, don’t ever hesitate to keep in touch with us.

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