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What Your Child Benefits Out of Hands-On Learning


Little children all grow at their own pace; even siblings differ in interests and skills, so take it easy when it comes to your child’s development because children naturally have different learning styles. Some children are auditory or visual learners who acquire their skills and understanding when they listen and observe someone doing the activity, while some children are kinesthetic learners who understand better when they get to do the activities themselves along with the instructions on how things are to be done.

Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy outlines programs that will help preschoolers learn better whether they are auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learners. Our programs are designed to achieve the needed aspects of learning like identifying objects, reading and writing, and problem solving in dynamic yet disciplined teaching methods to fit the learning styles of our preschoolers. Below are some of the benefits that children can enjoy out of hands-on learning.

  • Get a Feel of Things

    At our early learning academy in Houston, Texas our hands-on activities benefit visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners because hands-on activities are also sensory learning activities that help develop how children identify what they see, hear, and touch. Some of our activities will also involve elements that will engage the sense of smell and taste to come into play.

  • Enhances Critical Thinking

    Hands-on learning puts things into the perspective of preschoolers because they get to analyze situations on their own. When faced with a team task like a relay that needs each of them to contribute a different task for each leg of the race, they are challenged with how they can get their team to score a point. These tasks can be as simple as walking while holding an object on an open palm around a chair and back or rearranging reading cards to form sentences on their own, as compared to rewriting the sequence of words in a book. Hands-on learning provides a real-life approach towards how a child can apply his judgment.

  • Develops Independence

    When they are given individual activities, they get to exercise responsibility for materials that have been given to them because they have to be careful with it and, in the process, they learn how to take care of things. Independence is practiced when they perform a task that they can literally see happening before them, like arranging blocks to make a tower with a square top or returning coloring materials back into their containers on a shelf without the help of a teacher or classmate. This develops being responsible and independent.

We continuously innovate our learning programs so that our preschool in Texas will always have modern methods that can meet the changing learning requirements of our preschoolers.

Know or have a child who can benefit from hands-on learning programs? Share this blog with a parent to let them know their child can have all that and much more at Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy.

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