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Your Toddler, Their Milestones, and You


Milestones are always exciting times for parents, especially as they reach the toddler years. In our early learning academy in Houston, Texas, we refer to these years as the “Terrific 2’s”. We even designed programs appropriate for this age and development so that your child’s milestone can be truly maximized.

At Cradles 2 Crayons Early Learning Academy, we’re your partners in the building up of your child’s potential. In our years of providing child care services, we can say that no two toddlers are the same. With this, we know that every parent like you is equipped with the skills and abilities to meet the growing needs of their kids. With us to back you up as a preschool in Texas, your child will surely have a long way to go.

Here’s a quick list of your toddler’s milestones and what you can do to enhance them at home.

  1. Reasoning ability
    Your toddler will develop their cognitive ability at a fast rate that you might find their ability to reason both amusing and perplexing. At times, you might even come at a loss for words on how to answer them. They will also develop their sense of shapes, thus beginning their recognition of how letters and numbers look, as well as the actual shapes of things.

    What can you do?
    Encourage your child’s curiosity by interacting with them and appreciating the way they inquire. It also helps to welcome their questions with interest and patients. This helps them feel valued and their ideas big.

  2. Making friends
    Your toddler’s social ability also starts to blossom as soon as they reach their second year. Some kids may be shyer than others, but in most cases, this is a normal phase that most tots can easily breeze through. The more they get exposed with other kids, such as in a day care center or in a playground, their social skills improve even more.

    What can you do?
    Cheer for your toddler when they make friends. Keep watch for behaviors that can keep them from making friends. Expose them to activities that will give them more chances to be with other kids their age.

  3. Speaking with intent
    Your toddler will improve more on mimicking the words they frequently hear. In particular, they will have more interest in saying no. They can even assert this to their playmates. As their speech abilities improve, they also tend to lie, although it’s only because they have a wild imagination and not really because they intend to.

    What can you do?
    Engage them in worthwhile conversations while watching for the words you speak at home. In addition, assist them in watching shows that are age-appropriate and educational in nature.

As your trusted child care provider, we will help provide a positive transition for your toddler so that these years will truly be terrific years. You can trust us to provide a caring and sharing environment which is very vital to their foundational values.

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